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Dynamic Content

Our site reflects the dynamic nature of University Health Care by showcasing the multiple services and resources offered by our colleges, departments and health facilities.

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The layout and design of the new site is a collaborative effort under the direction of Public Affairs & Marketing and the ITS Web Resource Center and the University Health Care Web Advisory Committee. These groups oversee the design, structure, and content, and is charged with reviewing and implementing guidelines and assessing core content, while ensuring that our web presence serves the needs of our varied audiences.

Design goals focused on making the site increasingly:

  • Effective - making navigation logical, intuitive, and user-friendly.
  • Educational - enhancing health information and clinical content, while conveying the Institution's mission and brand.
  • Compelling - eye-catching, appealing,
  • Continuing efforts are being made to implement new features to meet the evolving needs of our users.


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The A-to-Z Department Index is an alphabetical listing of University Health Care departments and affiliated groups. Complete the Registration Form to add your department to the A-Z list.


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