Donor Semen

The decision to use donor sperm is an extremely personal decision, which should be made following careful consideration and discussion.  Donor sperm can used for both IUI and IVF procedures. The Andrology Lab provides both storage and preparation of samples prior to use. We do not screen or test sperm for donor eligibility and/or suitability.

Before donor sperm is purchased and shipped, please contact the Andrology Lab to make prior arrangements for storage of the sperm samples. All samples shipped to the University of Utah must be prepared at the laboratory prior to release. The Andrology Lab and Utah Center for Reproductive Medicine only accept samples from labs registered with the FDA who follow the regulations regarding donor screening and eligibility.

The patient will take the prepared sample directly to her physician for the actual insemination Please see Using Donor Semen for additional information. For patients with physicians at the Utah Center for Reproductive Medicine (UCRM), Please see the Requirements for UCRM Patients Using Donor Sperm.

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