Using Donor Sperm

Patients should use their own physician to have the insemination performed. The donor sperm sample that you select can be sent directly to your doctor's office near the day of your insemination, OR you may choose to have one or more samples sent to the Andrology Lab for storage, with the care provider’s request or consent.

If shipped directly to us, the Andrology laboratory will store and prepare samples on the behalf of your care provider. You, as the patient will need to sign a Sign a Donor Semen Storage Agreement in order to store the samples at our facility. There are fees that are incurred for receipt, as well as storage.

You will be responsible for purchasing the donor samples and having them shipped and stored; payment for the current storage period must be paid in advance, and is based in part on the number of vials you will be storing. There is a minimum storage fee (for 1-5 vials in storage). In addition, there is a minimal fee to process each shipment.

We do require a written Physicians Order from your care provider indicating you are under their care and are transporting the donor sample to their office for insemination. Please see the Fee Schedule and Policy for price of the donor sample preparation. You would then be able to pick up the prepared sample and take it back to your doctor’s office for the insemination.

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