Semen Storage Agreement

Once a client has determined a need for cryopreservation, a Semen Storage Agreement consent will be signed at the time of collection for short and/or long term storage. Payment for the current storage period must be paid in advance, and is based in part on the number of vials to be stored.

Please see the Fee Schedule and Policy for current prices for sperm freezing, storage and preparation.  A client (or, in the event of his death, his legally authorized representative) may terminate a Storage Agreement at any time by requesting and completing an “Authorization for Destruction” form available from the Andrology Laboratory. Please note: the original signature must be witnessed by a UU Andrology employee or a Notary Public. The original written notice must be received and acknowledged by the University before the agreement is terminated.

If there are questions about payments or a need to change the address on the account please contact University Medical Billing at (801) 238-6618 or Toll Free at (886) 778-5985.


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