Bariatric Surgery - Surgical Weight Loss

Steps to Bariatric Surgery

We want to help make the start of meeting your surgical weight loss goals as easy as possible. The following is a simple outline of the steps you'll take to get started.

1. Attend a FREE patient information seminar - register here

  • at this seminar you will be able to meet with University of Utah Bariatric Surgery Team and learn about the different bariatric surgeries and their requirements.
2. Fill out the:

3. Check with your specific insurance policy for coverage of bariatric surgery and that the University of Utah is a covered provider for these procedures. Please ask these specific questions:

  • a. Is bariatric surgery a covered benefit?
  • b. If bariatric surgery is a covered benefit, is medically supervised weight loss required and for how many months?
  • c. Is a percentage of weight loss required during those months?

4. Send the Bariatric Surgery Program Questionnaire and the Sleep Apnea Screening Questionnaire.

  • a. By Fax: (801) 587-9370 Attention: Bariatric Surgery
  • b. By Email:  (please note that this is not a secure email address.  If you would like to send your form to us through a secure email please call 801-587-3856 and we will send an email to you  through our secure system that you can reply to)
  • c. By Mail: Eric Volckmann, MD

    30 North 1900 East
    Salt Lake City, UT 84132
    Phone: 801-587-3856
    Fax: 801-587-9370

5. Once received, you will be contacted to set up an appointment for a surgical consultation.

6. Initial surgical consultation. Bring to this appointment the completed Two Day Food Record and the signed Smoking Policy.

7. Consultation with dietician. Please note: You will be responsible for the cost of consultation if it is not covered by your insurance.

8. Psychiatric evaluation. This evaluation should occur no sooner than 1 week after nutritional consultation. Please note: You will be responsible for the cost of consultation if it is not covered by your insurance.

9. Begin to incorporate lifestyle changes prior to surgery.

10. Preoperative upper endoscopy and nutritional labs.

11. Preoperative visit with the surgeon to update your history & physical and sign a surgery consent.

12. Preoperative visit with an anesthesiologist.

13. Scheduled bariatric surgery procedure.

Contact Us:

(801) 587-2166