Be Well Utah


Participation is easy! You may volunteer at an event, be an exhibitor or attend an event. Bring your family and come to every event or just choose 1 or 2.

We're happy to put you to work whether you come by yourself, with your family, or as a group.

Volunteers are needed throughout the week, but mostly for the Health Fair on Saturday, August 17.

Gage Gillings is the volunteer coordinator. Please email him at to sign up.

What'll you get in return for being a volunteer:

  • A rockin' t-shirt
  • Completion of one qualified activity for WellnessNOW (minimum of 3 hour shift for credit)
  • The satisfaction of helping the community learn about living a healthy lifestyle

We have committed to focus our space exclusively for University of Utah Health Care Departments/Providers and other select not-for-profit community groups.  Contact Nicolle Hughes for additional information about exhibitor participation.