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Your visit numbers are unique to each date of service and to the University location. This means you will have a different visit number for your provider charges and for your facility charges. For an inpatient stay, the date you see is your discharge date.

We show you the detail on your visit and charges the first month after your visit. We let you know when they're still pending insurance and when they become your responsibility. Keep your monthly statements so that you can refer to the details of your charges in later months as you follow the account balance through insurance processing.

You'll see a summary of charges, payments, amount pending insurance and amount you owe on the last page of every monthly statement. All of the columns will add up to the charges & payments you see in the detail section. In addition to the account balance (the total amount you owe), you'll see the minimum amount due and the due date on this page as well as the front page of your statement.