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Critical Care Internship

Applications for the Fall program (beginning July 7th, 2014) will be accepted March 1st - April 5th 2014.

When you apply for the Critical Care Internship you will be asked to include the following:

Application Deadlines: 

  •  April 5th for the fall Session (Beginning in July)
  •  October 5th for the Spring Session (Beginning in January)

Questions?  Email cci@hsc.utah.edu

About CCI

The Internship begins twice a year: Spring beginning late January, and Fall beginning  late July.

  • Do I have to graduate from nursing school before I apply for the Critical Care Internship?
    You may apply during your last semester in nursing school. If selected, hiring will be contingent upon successfully passing the NCLEX prior to the start date of the program. If you have not passed the NCLEX by the start date, the job offer will be rescinded.
  • Do I have to have a current Nursing license to apply for the program?
    You may apply for the program, but you must pass NCLEX and have a nursing license by the start date of the program.
  • Will I be compensated if I am chosen for the Critical Care Internship?
    As a full time Clinical Nurse at University Hospital, you will be compensated fully as a RN and be eligible for all applicable  shift differentials and benefits.
  • Do I have to have a BSN to apply for the program?
    A bachelor’s degree is preferred, RN licensure is required.
  • Do I have to have ICU experience to be considered for the Critical Care Internship?
    The Critical Care Internship is designed as a stepping stone for RNs who wish to gain the skills and knowledge needed to begin a career in critical care. Current RN applicants working in other settings are not expected to have ICU experience. Although new graduate RNs may apply for the internship, the Critical Care Internship is not a new graduate RN residency program. Previous hospital experience in a patient care role and critical care experience during a capstone or preceptorship are required for new graduate RNs.
  • How does the program work?
    Interns will spend 96 clinical hours in each of our 6 critical care areas during the 20 week internship. Interns work 1:1 with selected preceptors who assist interns with goal setting to develop competence in critical thinking and critical care skills. Interns also participate in classroom and on-line education opportunities to supplement their clinical experiences. Upon successful completion of the internship, interns will be placed for employment in one of the critical care units, ED, or the ICU resource nursing department, where they will be required to complete 2 years of full time employment.
  • What if I don’t stay with the institution for 2 years after the internship ends?
    You will be required to pay back the institution a pro-rated amount for the time you have dishonored your commitment.
  • Will there be other educational opportunities besides the clinical rotations?
    You will also participate in weekly conferences designed to enhance your professional growth through guest lectures, case presentations, and weekly discussions. You will also complete a basic ICU course which consists of classroom lectures and online training through the AACN’s ECCO modules.
  • Will I get to choose where I work after completing the internship?
    Placement is based on hiring needs of the units. Ideally, interns will be placed in one of the core units where they receive the bulk of their clinical training. We consider the intern’s preferences when making placement decisions.
  • Will I be guaranteed a job after the internship?
    Upon successful completion of the program, you will be hired into one our Critical Care Units, Emergency Department, or the Critical Care resource pool.
  • How many people are hired into the Critical Care Internship every rotation?
    10-14 interns are selected each rotation.