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Transfer Center

The University Health Care Transfer Center was designed to assist patient-care providers in accessing our inpatient facilities and Emergency Department for urgent patient evaluation or admission. We expedite physician-to-physician consultation and streamline the patient transfer process, providing 24-hour services, 7 days a week, with highly-skilled Registered Nurses and assistive personnel.

All of our nurses have been working at the University Hospital for 10-25 years and have extensive experience in Emergency, Critical Care, Emergency Preparedness, hazardous materials and hospital supervision. This level of experience has been beneficial in triaging the needs of patients and care providers, and allows us to connect callers with the most appropriate service or physician available. Our assistive personnel are certified Emergency Medical Technicians or Medical Assistants/ Certified Nursing Assistants and have experience working in hospitals and/or clinics.

The Transfer Center has a highly-professional group of staff that is always willing to take the extra steps necessary to meet the needs of the callers as well as improve relations with referring providers. We work 12-hour shifts, rotating weekends and nights and have opportunities each day to interact with staff from outside facilities as well as staff and physicians within the University Health Care system. The program has been extremely successful and satisfying to those who refer patients to the University and to the staff who work here.

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