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Application of Transcriptional Signatures for Diagnosis of Febrile Infants within the Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network (PECARN)


Status: Open to Enrollment

Start Date: Apr 01 2008

End Date: OPEN

Fever without a source is an important reason for childhood visits to the Emergency Department (ED), and accounts for 15% of all visits in infants 60 days of age or younger. Most of these infants will have a non-bacterial (viral) cause of fever. However, the symptoms of viral illness are similar to those of bacterial illness and it is difficult for physicians to identify infants with life threatening bacterial infections when the infant first presents to the ED.   

The ultimate goal of this project is to develop a blood test (transcriptional biosignature) to aid physicians in the diagnosis of infants with bacterial and non-bacterial infections. The results of the study are intended to lead to improved methods for accurate diagnosis of infants with fever in the future.  This study is part of a multi-centered investigational network (PECARN).

Principal Investigators

Richard Greenberg, MD

Co Investigators

Prashant Mahajan, MD

Ramilo Octavio, MD

Contact Information

Name: Kammy
Phone: 801-587-7450

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