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  • DMID Protocol 11-0069
    Keywords: Valganciclovir, Congenital, Cytomegalovirus, Hearing Loss
    Specialties: Audiology,
    Status: Recruiting Principal Investigator: Kwabena Ampofo
  • CMV
    Keywords: Pregnant, Cytomegalovirus, CMV, Infection in pregnancy
    Specialties: Maternal-Fetal Medicine,
    Status: Recruiting Principal Investigator: Michael Varner
  • Astellas-CMV Vaccine
    Keywords: Cytomegalovirus, CMV, Kidney Transplant , Infectious Disease, Vaccine
    Specialties: Transplant Surgery,Infectious Diseases, Kidney Transplant,Solid and Bone Marrow Transplant,
    Status: Not yet recruiting Principal Investigator: Fuad Shihab
  • Viropharma- Resistant CMV
    Keywords: CMV, Cytomegalovirus, Resist , Refractory, Infectious disease, Transplantation-Infectious disease
    Specialties: Infectious Diseases,Transplant Surgery,Infectious Diseases, Viral infections, ,Solid and Bone Marrow Transplant,
    Status: Completed Principal Investigator: Fuad Shihab

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