MacTel Registry Study


Status: Recruiting
Keywords: MacTel
IRB Number: 00045548
Specialty: Ophthalmology
Sub Specialties:

Brief Summary

The purpose of this study is to identify persons with MacTel Type 2, and their affected family members to create a Registry of persons with MacTel Type 2. This Registry will be used to study eyes with MacTel Type 2 now and may be used in the future to identify persons to be in a study that may help find a way to prevent or treat this eye condition. We also wish to keep in contact with persons who have been told by their MacTel doctor that they have MacTel Type 2.

Principal Investigator: Paul Bernstein
Department: Ophthalmology-Services
Co Investigator: Albert Vitale
Co Investigator: Kimberley Wegner
Co Investigator: Mike Teske

Contact Information

Name:Kimberley Wegner
Phone: 801-581-6265

Inclusion Criteria

Probands affected with MacTel type 2 who have no other conditions that might confound the evaluation of MacTel Type 2

Affected and unaffected family members of MacTel probands.

Control individuals who are matched in age (+- 10 yrs) and ethnicity to the proband, are of no blood relation to the proband, and have no macular disease (other than possible mild age-related macular degeneration).

Exclusion Criteria

Individuals with other conditions that might confound the evaluation of MacTel type 2