Active Desk: A Novel Invention for Improving Health in the Workplace


Status: Recruiting
Keywords: insulin , exercise , metabolilc syndrom
IRB Number: 00057026
Specialty: Adult Behavioral Health
Sub Specialties:

Brief Summary

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the health and psychological effects of performing low to moderate intensity physical activity throughout the work day.  We will facilitate this physical activity be providing study participants with integrated computer workstation and recumbent exercise bike (Active Desk).

We hypothesize that, following five months of using Active Desk, participants will have reduced weight and waist circumference, and improved blood lipids and fasting glucose levels. We also hypothesize that participants will exhibit improved mood, positive affect, and quality of life.

Principal Investigator: Jim Martin
Department: Exercise And Sport Science
Co Investigator:

Contact Information

Name:Jim Martin
Phone: 8015877704

Inclusion Criteria

Participants in this study will be employees at the University of Utah whose job requires that they remain seated at a computer workstation or telephone center for large portions of the workday.

They will be overweight and sedentary prior to the start of this study. Sedentary will be defined as a score of 3 or less on the Rapid Assessment of Physical Activity questionnaire.

Exclusion Criteria

Individuals with lower leg injuries will be excluded because pedaling is required.

Individuals with peripheral neuropathy (e.g. from diabetes) will be excluded.

Individuals with heart disease will be excluded because a high intensity VO2 peak test is required.