Hyperglycemia and Adhesion Formation


Status: Recruiting
Keywords: Hyperglycemia, Adhesion Formation
IRB Number: 00059920
Specialty: Maternal-Fetal Medicine
Sub Specialties:

Brief Summary


To determine whether the presence of intraabdominal adhesion at time of a 2nd repeat cesarean are increased among women with pregestational and gestational diabetes during the first pregnancy for which they had a cesarean delivery.


Secondary outcomes of interest include whether the presence and severity of adhesion at the time of cesarean as related to glycemic control and severity of disease (those with pregestational DM vs. gestational, GDMA2 vs. GDMA1) at the time of first cesarean.

Principal Investigator: Luchin Wong
Department: OB/GYN Research Network
Co Investigator:

Contact Information

Name:Luchin Wong
Phone: 801-581-7647
Email: bbshrimp@gmail.com

Inclusion Criteria

All women presenting for their second cesarean delivery, whether at the University of Utah or other hospitals/clinics and are willing to sign a Release of Medical Information form allowing us to look at medical records regarding that pregnancy and first cesarean delivery. 

Exclusion Criteria

All women who had adhesions noted at the time of the first cesarean, women whose operative report of the first cesarean is unavailable for review, women who had an intervening laparotomy or laparoscopy, women who had other surgeries done in conjunction with first cesarean, women with a history of pelvic inflammatory disease, and women with steroid-dependent disease. Additionally, women with surgery prior to cesarean, even if no adhesions were noted at primary cesarean, will be excluded.