Patella Fractures


Status: Enrolling by invitation
Keywords: Bone Healing , Patella Fractures , Open Reduction Internal Fixation
IRB Number: 00063800
Specialty: Trauma Surgery
Sub Specialties:

Brief Summary

Evaluate outcomes of patients who underwent ORIF of patella fractures using a plate construct

Detailed Description

The purpose of the study is to review success of bone healing and patient function post operatively in patients who have had ORIF of comminuted patella fractures.

Principal Investigator: Erik Kubiak
Department: Orthopedic Surgery
Co Investigator: Erik Kubiak

Contact Information

Name:Kirby Corbey
Phone: 801-213-3366

Inclusion Criteria

Age over 18 male or female having undergone ORIF either primary, delayed, or revision of patella fracture or non-union using a plate and screw construct.

Exclusion Criteria


Under age 18

Anyone not having undergone either primary, delayed, or revision ORIF of a patella fracture using a plate and screws construct.