Novel Cervical Retraction Device


Status: Recruiting
Keywords: device for IUD insertion
IRB Number: 00070910
Specialty: Women and Children's Health
Sub Specialties:

Brief Summary

This study will test a suction-based method of engaging the cervix.

The study has two aims.

Aim #1: To observe and measure a patient’s reaction and perception to the application of the Bioceptive  Cervical Retractor.

Aim #2: To measure the pain perceptions of the Bioceptive Cervical Retractor versus the single-toothed cervical tenaculum and the atraumatic tenaculum.

Principal Investigator: David Turok
Department: DFPM-Family Practice
Co Investigator: David Turok

Contact Information

Name:Amy Orr
Phone: 801-213-2774

Inclusion Criteria

There are two phases of the study and  inclusion and exclusion criteria are the same for both phases of the study.

The Inclusion Criteria are:

·Subjects presenting for IUD insertion or endometrial biopsy

·Age 18 - 45

·Able to consent for study in English or Spanish


Exclusion Criteria

Exclusion Criteria:


·Current pregnancy

·Cervical abnormalities (cervical polyp, cervical lesion, or irregularity)

·Use of narcotics or Benzodiazepines prior to procedure