The Effect of Fracture of the Tibial Plateau on Lower Extremity Alignment


Status: Recruiting
Keywords: Tibial Plateau , Lower Extremity Alignment , Effect
IRB Number: 00070851
Specialty: Orthopaedic Surgery
Sub Specialties: Orthopaedic Trauma

Brief Summary

The purpose of the study is to retrospectively investigate the effect of tibial plateau fractures on lower extremity alignment and prospectively obtain patient reported outcomes.  Secondary objectives include correlation of AP knee radiographs and long standing lower extremity films in evaluation of lower extremity alignment.

Principal Investigator: Thomas Higgins
Department: Orthopedic Surgery
Co Investigator:

Contact Information

Name:Kirby Corbey
Phone: 801-213-3366

Inclusion Criteria

Patients who received surgical intervention at the university of utah for a tibial plateau fracture and have had routine followup that included a long standing lower extremity film.


Exclusion Criteria

Patients under the age of 18

Patients who have not had a long standing lower extremity film during routine followup after tibial plateau fracture.