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Specimen Order Kit

If you would like a specimen kit, please call, e-mail or fax your request to our laboratory. Your specimen kit(s) with prepaid Fed-Ex return & labels will be sent to you promptly.

Contact Us

Toll Free Phone: 866-266-5699
Local Phone: 801-581-7139

Dr. John Zone & Dr. Kristin Leiferman are available for consultation regarding your patient's skin disease and to provide advice regarding testing and interpretation of results. They can be reached through the laboratory or Dermatology administrative office at 801-581-6465.

Specimen KitSpecimen Kit Contents

  • Two tubes with Michel's transport medium (bright green) for skin biopsies (one specimen per tube) for direct immunofluorescence
  • One tube of formalin for fixed tissue histological examination
  • One small empty cryovial for serum
  • Labels for vials
  • Specimen request form
  • Information & instruction sheets

Take the time to review our biopsy instructions and specimen transport information.