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New University Dermatology Center


Building Rendering   

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Imagine an internationally renowned center specializing in skin disorders right here in Utah. Now imagine that it shares the same tradition of excellence the Huntsman Cancer Center and Moran Eye Center are known for. The University of Utah Dermatology Center will be that place.

This new facility will double our capacity to serve the more than half-million Utahns suffering from skin conditions ranging from allergic reactions to life-threatening diseases. It will also give patients access to world-class dermatology experts and allow us to streamline treatment, ensuring better outcomes and cost savings.


What happens when you gather experts in one location? Collaboration. At the new Dermatology center, care providers will be able to consult with other specialists or immediately secure a second opinion on a diagnosis. Solutions are nearby, and patients thrive as care teams give comprehensive care in one easy to find location.


University Dermatology Center and staff expertise are being built around one word: healing. This approach will ensure positive patient experiences. It facilitates convenience, time-efficiency for patients and staff, and individualized care.

Along with medical care, patients will also have access to education and support groups. Many of our patients will have already been to other doctors to no avail. When they walk through these doors, they will discover vital breakthroughs, allowing their healing process to begin.   

Currently, the University of Utah Dermatology Department treats 80,000 patients annually. The new University Dermatology Center will allow us to serve an additional 40,000 and meet the increasing need for specialized dermatology care in Utah and the Intermountain West.


With experts in every skincare specialty, our patients will receive the most advanced and proven therapies. While this is convenient for common skin issues, it is crucial for more complicated conditions ranging from skin cancers to devastating autoimmune blistering diseases. 

As one of the few sites in the nation studying the genetics of skin disease, the new University Dermatology Center will become a destination for clinical trials leading to future therapies for difficult diseases.

Specialized clinics within the center will focus on seniors, women, children, as well as treatment and research for specific diseases (e.g., melanoma, autoimmune skin diseases, psoriasis, celiac disease, and blistering).

Our vision has just begun. We need your help to extend a hand of hope to people facing new skin care challenges every day. Please contact Cathy Bradley, 801-213-2283,, to donate or simply learn more. Naming opportunities are still available.