woman applying medication to sore on lipBullous diseases are blistering diseases of the skin, mouth, and eyes. They can be inherited, caused by genetic mutations in skin proteins, or acquired—caused by autoimmune effects when antibodies form to skin proteins. Genetic blistering diseases may be present at birth or in early life, whereas the autoimmune blistering diseases typically occur later in life.

Types of Blistering Disease

  • Autoimmune blistering disease
  • Blistering from herpes simplex virus

Autoimmune Blistering Disease

The cause of most autoimmune blistering diseases is not known, but some may develop as drug reactions. One type, dermatitis herpetiformis, develops with celiac disease (gluten sensitivity). Blisters can also occur in conjunction with internal disease such as lupus, diabetes, and porphyria.

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