Project ECHO


Hepatitis C-Friday's 11:30-1:00pm MST

Advanced Liver Care-  everyother Wednesday 7:30-9:00am MST

Project ECHO- Building Community Centers of Excellence in the field of Chronic and Complex Diseases.

How Project ECHO™ Works

Using real-time learning, Project ECHO™ empowers primary care providers to safely and effectively treat and manage Hepatitis C infection within their clinics. Project ECHO™ also disseminates information and use of new advances and treatments in the field of chronic and complex diseases.

Project ECHO™ offers a new way to:

  1. Deliver specialty care to the community
  2. Provide case-based continuing medical education
  3. Disseminate, teach, and reinforce best practices in patient care

Primary Care Providers are organized into “Learning Networks” that meet weekly via teleconference to present patient cases and benefit from didactic learning sessions.

The video conference is led by Dr. Terry Box, Hepatologist, at the University of Utah. Dr. Box reviews cases with the treating provider using evidence based disease management protocols. Dr. Box and the PCP will co-manage the patients throughout the progression of treatment. Patients who are treated within their home communities have been shown to have equal to or superior outcomes as those traveling to specialty care.

You do not have to have a case to present in order to participate in clinic. You are welcome to sign in and observe at anytime.

Project ECHO™ Clinic will take place Friday's from 11:30-1:00pm for Hep C and everyother Wednesday from 7:30-9:00am for Advanced Liver Care.