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Our training rooms are named after brilliant learners and thinkers, people who made great impressions on society through their commitment to learning; Aristotle, Clara Barton, Einstein, Columbus, Franklin and DaVinci. Just like these great pioneers, we believe a commitment to learning is essential.

Whether you need a place to hold a soft skills seminar, or hands on technical training, we have a training room that’s right for you! Located at 650 Komas Drive in Research Park, the Training Center is easily accessible from both main and upper campus and parking is free.

Each training room is equipped with state of the art technology to facilitate your training needs. Instructor stations, white boards and projectors are available in every room; with dual project available in the larger rooms. Several rooms are outfitted with Smart Boards which make it possible for an instructor to provide more interactive presentations.

For more information or to schedule a tour of the facility, complete the Request a Training Room Form.