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Student Placement Checklist

We have streamlined the nursing student placement process and now have just 3 steps and dates for you to remember. The dates and forms you need are all linked below. Please send all forms electronically. If you have more than one instructor or group of students at your school, please coordinate with each instructor and submit the forms together for your organization. We ask before you begin this process that you read the University of Utah Student Placement Guidelines.

8 weeks prior to semester start
5 weeks prior to semester start
  • Submit Student Roster spreadsheet file with list of students grouped by instructor names (one instructor per tab) to StudentPlacement@lists.hsc.utah.edu. For University of Utah students, enter the PeopleSoft ID number on the spreadsheet.
  • For non-University of Utah students, email a completed Non-employee Data form for each student.

    Note: The account provisioning process can take up to 4 weeks to complete, so this information must be submitted 5 weeks prior to the semester start, or students may not have an account when they arrive on the unit.

  • Arrange an Orientation and Training session with Clinical Staff Education (contact information shown below). At orientation, students will receive: 
    • training and a password to the charting system
    • ID badge
    • University Confidentiality and HIPAA sign-off forms

    Capstone students must be scheduled by the instructor as a group, not individually.

    Note: We reserve the right to postpone your orientation and therefore your start time in our facilities if we do not receive the necessary student paperwork by the deadline given.

1 week prior to semester start
  • Email the Student-to-Unit Assignment Grid to StudentPlacement@lists.hsc.utah.edu. The grids will be shared with the units, and unit management will use the assignment grid in staff communication and planning.

Contact Information

    Tiffany Noss, Staff Development Educator
    (801) 213-3491

    Rhonda Baldwin, Executive Secretary
    (801) 581-2422


For information about our clinical units, please visit our Nursing Resources page at healthcare.utah.edu/careers/nursing_resources/.