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Student Placement Guidelines

  1. All nursing student experiences must be set up through Clinical Staff Education. The phone number is 801-581-2422.  Fax number is 801-581-2736.

    Student Placement Coordinator
    Tiffany Noss – Office: 801-213-3491; Pager: 801-339-4111
    E-mail:  studentplacement@lists.hsc.utah.edu
  2. Schools wishing to have students do clinical rotations at the University must have the following information on all students and it must be made available upon request.
    • Background Checks
    • Drug Screen
    • Proof of Immunizations
      • TB Skin Test
      • MMR
      • Tetanus / Diphtheria
      • Hepatitis B
      • Chickenpox / or proof of immunity
      • Influenza Vaccine
  3. The school curriculum must include an overview of HIPPA and information on patient safety. Students must be able to answer basic questions on these topics prior to clinical rotations.
  4. Requests for student placement are due on the first day of the month, two months prior to the requested start date (i.e., due July 1st for September rotations). This form can be completed on-line and should be sent via e-mail.
    • Any requests for ancillary experiences should be included with your request.
    • You may only request clinical placements for the number of students you have in your clinical group.
  5. Placements will be based on availability and date received. Special requests will be considered, but are not guaranteed. We will respond within 10 working days of the request due date.
  6. A list of Clinical Learning objectives must accompany the request for each clinical group and each group of capstone students. Without objectives, we cannot provide a quality learning experience for the students. The learning objectives will be shared with the nursing units so everyone is working toward the same learning goal.
  7. All students must wear University Health Care Photo ID to enter the nursing units. This will be coordinated by Clinical Staff Education. Students must wear their University Health Care ID when on the nursing units or they will be asked to leave.
  8. There must be at least one instructor for every 8-10 students placed. The instructor must be on-site and available to assist the student(s) with procedures if floor staff is unavailable. Instructors must be licensed and clinically competent.
  9. Students must complete and sign a Confidentiality agreement, HIPPA agreement, and receive instruction on the use of the Electronic Medical Record before their first clinical experience.  This will be taken care of at your scheduled orientation with Clinical Staff Education.
  10. It will take ten to fourteen days after receiving the Non-employee Data Sheets to get an ID number and provide access to the electronic medical record.
    • We reserve the right to postpone your orientation and therefore your clinical start date in our facility if we do not receive the necessary student paperwork by the deadline provided.
  11. Every student placed at University Health Care must attend orientation. These classes will be taught by a member of the University Health Care Education Team. We would prefer to teach an entire nursing class rather than smaller clinical groups. Arrangements can be made to have these classes taught at your location to ensure that all students can participate.
    • Orientation will include:
      • Role and expectations
      • Confidentiality
      • HIPPA
      • Parking
      • Infection Control
      • Patient Safety
      • World Class U
      • Working in an Academic Center
  12. Each student will be asked to complete an electronic evaluation of their experience at the end of the rotation, but feedback about the experience is welcome at any time.
  13. ID badges must be turned in at the end of the clinical rotation. If all badges are not returned, the school will not be able to come back the next semester.