Patient and Family Housing

University of Utah Health Care hosts almost 50,000 patients per year who travel more than 100 miles to see our world-class specialists and for our quality and compassionate care. 

Some of our patients require extended care that may last for weeks or even months, requiring them to live in close proximity to the hospital.  Cancer patients who live in other states may be in Salt Lake City for a week or longer while receiving treatment, whereas a patient waiting for an organ transplant is required to live no more than an hour away from the hospital awaiting an available organ. These scenarios complicate and disrupt the lives of our patients and their families as they struggle to pay for short term housing solutions.

Now we are making the transition away from home more convenient and affordable at our Patient and Family Housing. Located only 7 miles from University Hospital, Huntsman Cancer Institute, University Neuropsychiatric Center and University Orthopaedic Center.

This project is another example of why our health care system continues to be rated as one of the top 10 in the country for quality.  We take care of our patients in their time of need, and we expand that care beyond our medical expertise by extending a helping hand in offering housing assistance to those that need it the most.

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