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Cancer Survivorship

  • Life After Cancer: Diet, Exercise, and Weight

    After cancer treatment, eating a healthy diet, staying at a healthy weight, and getting regular physical activity are a vital part of your recovery.

  • Life After Cancer: Fatigue

    After cancer treatment ends, you may find that you still feel tired and unable to do the things you want and need to do. Fatigue is a very common problem for cancer survivors. It may last for months or even years after cancer treatment ends.

  • Life After Cancer: Lymphedema

    Lymphedema is swelling in part of the body that may occur after cancer surgery or radiation. It’s an ongoing (chronic) condition that has no cure. But you can do things to help reduce your risk for lymphedema.

  • Life After Cancer: Managing Pain

    Pain is a common side effect of cancer and cancer treatment. But sometimes people have pain even after cancer is gone and treatment is over. This can cause problems with daily life and make it harder to function or enjoy things.

  • Life After Cancer: Oral Health Problems

    Cancer treatment often causes mouth problems, or affects your oral health. It can cause problems such as sores, pain, infection, saliva changes, and dry mouth.

  • Life After Cancer: Peripheral Neuropathy

    Peripheral neuropathy is a common problem caused by cancer treatment. Peripheral neuropathy can cause pain, numbness, tingling, and other problems around the body.

  • Life After Cancer: Understanding Cancer Recurrence

    Cancer recurrence is when the cancer you were treated for comes back. This may happen any time after your treatment has finished.

  • Life After Cancer: Understanding Second Cancer

    Having cancer once does not mean you won’t have cancer again in the future. Anyone who has had cancer has a risk for developing a new kind of cancer someday. This is known as a second cancer.

  • Life After Cancer: What Is a Cancer Survivorship Care Plan?

    A survivorship care plan is a personalized document to help you move forward after cancer treatment.