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People with Diabetes Need to Wear ID

Jewelry is usually worn for its beauty, sparkle, or flash. But some jewelry can save your life. If you have diabetes, wearing a medical identification (ID) bracelet or necklace at all times is a good idea. It ensures that in a medical emergency, those helping you will know right away that you have diabetes.

Medical conditions, such as diabetes (especially insulin-treated diabetes), are engraved on the medical ID. Drug and food allergies can also be identified. You can even have emergency contacts and key prescription medications listed. If you're not sure about what information to put on your ID, talk with your health care provider.

Wearing a medical ID makes it less likely that your condition will be misdiagnosed or that you'll receive drugs that you're allergic to. You'll get the right treatment more quickly as well.

It's especially important to wear a medical ID while exercising because hypoglycemia is more likely to occur. Always wear one when traveling, too. Even in other countries, your ID will communicate that you have diabetes.

Medical IDs are available as pendants, watchbands, necklaces, bracelets, and sports bands--so you can be safe and stylish.