Health Tip: Keep Nails Healthy

(HealthDay News) -- The condition of finger nails and toe nails can indicate overall health, so it's important to keep your nails neat and clean.

The American Academy of Dermatology offers these healthy-nail suggestions:

  • Keep nails clean, dry and trimmed straight across. File finger nails with an emery board to avoid snags.

  • Never bite your nails, and leave cuticles intact.

  • Don't use nails as a tool for jobs such as opening soda cans.

  • If you have any ingrown nails, don't dig them out yourself. See a medical professional for treatment.

  • Soak feet in a warm salt water solution before trimming toe nails if they are thick and difficult to cut.

  • Wear properly fitted shoes, and protect feet from germs with flip flops or sandals while at the pool or locker room.