Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP)

  • HELP is structured program of care for hospitalized older patients designed to PREVENT delirium and functional decline throughout hospitalization. HELP goals are to maintain physical and cognitive functioning by utilizing daily interventions administered by volunteers.

Reports To

Nancy Joyce
Elder Life Specialist
Division of Geriatrics


Varies Monday–Friday

**A minimum time commitment of one shift per week for one year or 150 hours of volunteer service with the program is required.


  • Reliable and caring; enjoy working with      older patients
  • Discreet, empathetic behavior and ability to      exercise diplomacy in talking to patients, patient’s family and staff
  • Ability to work independently and assume responsibility      while providing non-clinical care
  • Ability to refer questions to staff as      needed
  • Complete 16 hours of HELP Volunteer Training


  • Daily visits to      patients enrolled in HELP to provide support and orienting communication
  • Participate in the      Therapeutic Activities program by providing mentally stimulating      activities at the bedside such as trivia, current events, reminiscing,      playing games on iPad, Wii, etc.
  • Assist in the Early Mobilization      program by walking active patients and performing range of motion      exercises with bedridden patients
  • Provide assistance and      companionship during meals
  • Assist HELP staff      members as requested