Visitor Services Valet Assistant


Provide support to the information desk personnel

Reports To

Spencer Daines, valet supervisor
Chris Shirley, customer service manager


Varying shifts, Monday–Friday

Volunteer Duties/Responsibilities

  • Responsible to guide patients in to valet stalls and assist with traffic flow
  • Write claim tickets for patients and explains valet service process
  • Assist the service officer in the retrieval of wheelchairs for patient use
  • Function as a line attendant taking claim tickets and retrieving keys from the key box
  • Count the previous day’s tickets
  • May be asked to retrieve cars in times of high volume (must pass university driving test and be able to drive a manual transmission)
  • Receives, greets, and must be able to give verbal directions to visitors so as to get them to appropriate person or office
  • Answer questions about the organization and associated activities
  • Perform all other duties as requested and/or directed

Must be able to stand for extended periods of time and be able to walk people to different locations throughout the hospital and must be able to assist patients and family into the hospital, walking, or by wheelchair