Scams and Phishing Attempt Warnings

We have been notified of several phishing attempts using Jon Huntsman's name, as well as Huntsman Cancer Foundation. The sender of these e-mails says Mr. Huntsman plans to give the email recipient money or that the recipient has a donation from Huntsman Cancer Foundation waiting for them. Here are examples of the scams we are currently seeing:

  • One e-mail says "Jon Huntsman, Sr. is donating funds to you."
  • Another has the subject line as "DEAR FRIEND" or “Jon Huntsman Donation To You!” and says the recipient will get $2.3 million. It references Mr. Huntsman's charitable donations for cancer research.
  • Another has the subject line "Contact the Pay-out Bank" with a message supposedly from Mr. Huntsman claiming he has received information he requested. It says "congratulations" and gives instructions to contact a bank in the U.K.
  • Received a phone call from someone representing that he or she is fundraising on behalf of Huntsman Cancer Institute asking for a donation.
  • Received a LinkedIn request posing as Mr. Huntsman. Later sends a message through LinkedIn saying "congratulations" and gives you instructions to contact an email address with information.
Please be advised that these are not legitimate. If you have received any of the scams above, do not click on any links and make sure to delete the messages.