Huntsman Cancer Foundation Events

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Events allow the public to experience the mission of Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) firsthand. By recruiting new donors, celebrating major gifts, and honoring a challenge to meet goals through radio-a-thons, athletic competitions, bake sales, art exhibits, etc. Huntsman Cancer Foundation (HCF) events reiterate that everyone can do something!

BEFORE attempting to design and execute an event idea on your own, please read the general guidelines below and contact Sally Montgomery.

General Guidelines

  • Contact the HCF office at least 90 days before the event.
  • HCF must approve all uses of logo and name in advance of any printing.
  • All donors should make checks payable to Huntsman Cancer Foundation.
  • HCF will provide counsel, letterhead, and use of logo/name only after event consultation and approval.
  • HCF cannot provide public relations support, staff support, “seed money” or financial support, or access to any mailing lists.
  • HCF cannot support fundraising for an individual's medical bills.
  • HCF reserves the right to refuse any event at any time.

What HCF can provide with at least 90 days notice

  • Letter on official HCF letterhead, including tax-exempt information, for the sponsoring organization to use in its fundraising and sponsor recruitment efforts
  • Advice for volunteers and event organizers regarding fundraising, public relations, marketing, and other important event-planning topics
  • Information regarding current research at HCI (possibly specific to a certain type of cancer such as colon cancer or leukemia) for distribution at the event or for public relations efforts conducted by the sponsoring organization
  • Use of the HCI logo. Before printing, HCF must review and approve all event and promotional materials with logo and/or name.

What HCF may provide (depending on schedules and the type of event)

  • An HCF representative to participate in a check presentation at the event
  • An HCI representative to set up a booth or table at the event to answer basic cancer questions
  • A letter of thanks to event donors

I want to put on my own event. What do I do?
If you are interested in organizing your own fundraising event, you must agree to and submit the signed HCF Event Policy

I want a portion of my business' proceeds to come to HCF. How do I arrange that?
If you own or run a business and your idea involves a charitable sales promotion, such as donating a dollar amount for goods or services, you must complete and submit the Charitable Sales Promotion/Event Contract.

For more information
Please contact Sally Montgomery via email or phone: 801-584-5817.