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The Disease-Oriented Research Team (DOT) approach to research and patient care is an innovative, highly collaborative, and integrated model for cancer research and care championed by Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI).  HCI is a leader in this team approach, and is being emulated by other cancer centers throughout the United States and world.    

The DOT protocol brings together all of the researchers, physicians, and care providers involved in specific areas of cancer into a functioning, working team. Some of these DOTs include

These cancer-focused disease teams emphasize innovative science with a strategic alignment to personalized medicine, genetics, cancer control and prevention, and experimental therapeutics. Scientists in the lab look for new cancer therapies while working with physicians in the clinic who seek to develop safe doses and regimens. The result is a phase I (first-in-man) trial.  

This DOT model of collaborative research-to-treatment also enhances the impact of your support because of how much can be accomplished through a DOT.

To learn more about maximizing your gifts by supporting a DOT, please contact Susan Sheehan, President and Chief Operating Officer. ssheehan@huntsmanfoundation.org.

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