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Linda Hill

linda hill, cancer survivor Cancer first tested Linda Hill’s mettle when she was just 19 years old. Since then, cancer has taken a lot—her breasts, colon, thyroid, and spleen—but it will never take her sense of humor. A single parent of seven, Linda has transformed loss into laughter. Following breast cancer surgery, she fashioned a T-shirt that reads, “Of course they’re fake—the real ones tried to kill me!” So began a creative outlet for her battle with cancer: a T-Shirt company named “somuchmore.” Grown from laughter and a gift for one-liners, somuchmore has captured such zingers as “mastectomy (mas tek’ te me) n 1. A procedure to help a woman find a real man” and “I lost my colon, but I’m still full of crap!”

Linda donates $2 from each sale to Huntsman Cancer Foundation in support of Huntsman Cancer Institute’s research. While joy and mirth surround Linda, her purpose is serious. She says, “Cancer does not define us. It wasn’t my colon that makes me love to bake. It wasn’t my breasts that make me crazy and outgoing. And it wasn’t my thyroid that gave me faith in God.” Linda has many one-liners yet to write, declaring “I am so much more than cancer.”

Watch Linda tell her story in the video below.