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What to Expect

An Acute Care Clinic (ACC) medical assistant will greet you in the waiting room and admit you to the clinic and take your vital signs. An ACC nurse will review your symptoms and all medications that you currently take.

Then an ACC doctor will do an examination, discuss your medical condition, and order any testing or care that you might need. Some of the tests you might need include a complete blood count, chemistry panel, blood and urine cultures, and any diagnostic radiology studies you might need.

Depending on your medical concern, you may be in the clinic for 2 to 4 hours. More severe problems may require that you be admitted to the hospital. The clinic staff will arrange your hospital admission.

An ACC physician will send a report of the visit to your referring team as the ACC works with your main physician and health care team.

The ACC is not an emergency room or a walk-in clinic. If you have a life-threatening emergency, for example a heart attack or bleeding that won't stop, call 911.

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