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Shaury - Roy, UT

shaury-2Shaury was born with microtia—a condition in which the ear is underdeveloped. "I always had long hair, and would never wear it in a ponytail," she says. "I just had no confidence because of the way my ear looked."

She first heard about facial prosthetics on the Oprah Show and followed up with some online research that led her to Huntsman Cancer Institute's service. Shaury came to Prosthetics for a consultation where she learned about how a prosthesis would be designed for her. "I didn't want to do anything that I didn't feel 100 percent about, so I really researched it online, and I got referrals from Paul Tanner [HCI's facial prosthetist] so I could talk with people who already have prosthetics," she says.

"When I wore my ear for the first time, it felt so good. I think I wore my hair in a ponytail the entire first month I had it," Shaury says. "It felt a little different having something there, and I felt like I looked really different, too. But in a couple of days, I got used to the feel of it. And I think just the confidence it gives me makes me look different.


"My nieces and nephews, 5 and 8 years old, say they can't tell which one's fake and which one's real," she adds. "I didn't really think that they could make something so lifelike."– Shaury