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Our Program

Saundra S. Buys, MD, Senior Director
Elizabeth A. Sexton, Administrator

The High Risk Cancer Research Clinics and Studies (HRCR) team investigates the inheritance, genetics, and behavioral aspects of cancer in at-risk populations. Eligible participants can enroll in a variety of research studies concerned with detection, prevention, and management of cancer. In addition, HRCR provides education, screening, and risk modeling services for enrollees. The HRCR team includes physicians, genetic counselors, research coordinators, and support personnel.

Because the High Risk Cancer Research Clinics and Studies have defined research goals, participants must meet certain enrollment criteria.

Cancer Genetics Study

Hereditary Gastrointestinal Cancer Registry

High Risk Breast Cancer Clinic

Melanoma Research

Pancreas Cancer Research Program

Huntsman Cancer Institute also has the fee-for-service Family Cancer Assessment Clinic, which provides similar services for people who have concerns about their risk of developing cancer based on family history, but do not meet the enrollment criteria of the High Risk Cancer Research studies.