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Tyler Ramsay and Adrianna Bell are the Oncology Patient Coordinators for the Melanoma Cancer Program. They coordinate new patient visits, including scheduling appointments with providers, additional scans or tests, and serving as a central point of contact for questions, problems, or concerns.

Melanoma Cancer Program (cancers of the skin and cutaneous T-cell lymphoma)


Adrianna Bell
Phone: 801-585-0209
Fax: 801-585-3903

Tyler Ramsay

Tyler Ramsay
Phone: 801-587-4623
Fax: 801-585-3903

By Mail

Huntsman Cancer Institute Melanoma Program
2000 Circle of Hope
SLC, UT 84112-5550

To schedule an appointment, please have the following information available:

  • Patient name, telephone number, and insurance information
  • Referring physician's name, office address, and telephone number
  • Diagnosis, including when and how it was made (for example, physical exam, biopsy, other)
  • Treatments, if any, that have taken place and for how long
  • Radiology and pathology reports for review before the first visit

We will work with the referring physician to schedule the first appointment as soon as possible. Most patients are first seen in an outpatient clinic rather than being admitted to the hospital.