Multiple Myeloma Program

Patient Testimonials

In Their Own Words...

"Our experience at Huntsman Cancer Institute's myeloma clinic has been outstanding. The staff and our doctor have been amazing. A patient-centered treatment facility and a specialty in multiple myeloma was what I was looking for. I certainly found that at Huntsman Cancer Institute. I wish there was a way to thank everyone from the custodial staff who keeps the building spotless to the nurses in the infusion suite to the doctor, who's attention and care mean so much to us. It's been the best experience possible considering the circumstances.

Our doctor spent one and a half hours with us going over test results and discussing treatment. He has the bedside manner and compassion we have been looking for with the expertise and direction we wanted in a multiple myeloma specialist. Huntsman Cancer Institute in Utah has risen above the other treatment options." 

Irene M. of Texas


"This month marks 5 years since I originally had myeloma symptoms. I had my periodic checkup with my nephrologist on Monday and he said, "Who would have ever thought you'd be sitting here 5 years later with the diagnosis you had!!"

I am just so grateful that I have been so blessed to have had the doctors and the care from all of you I have had!! I wish I could adequately convey how appreciative I truly am."

Michele H. of Georgia


"Your excellent treatment for me has given hope to a lot of myeloma patients that it is possible to still be surviving after 9 years (and still counting). Thanks for everything you have done to extend my life. I sure am enjoying my time off of treatment."

Becky R. of Florida


"Yesterday was my 5 year anniversary since diagnosis. And today is the first time since then that my RBC has been normal. Hooray!! It is 4.2; my HGB is 13.7. Hooray again!!! We just returned from a week in Hawaii and, again, for the first time, I had some real energy. We walked a few miles each day without me getting worn out.

It is nice to feel good, for a change. THANK YOU for your part in this miracle."

Jane R. of California


"To each of you who were so efficient and kind to me during my visit this week, I want to say thanks. My trip back to Kansas was uneventful. It is reassuring to know that I have the best team in the world working for me.

I will always try to keep in mind that my extended days on this planet are due in part to your efforts, and that I should be mindful of that as I conduct myself at all times so as to reflect positive credit upon your care."

Doug M. of Kansas


"Getting a diagnosis of cancer is no picnic, but I have worked through enough illnesses of various kinds in my life to know that your facility and employee base are state-of-the-art. Since my first dealings with your patient coordinators, the doctors, and all of the nurses, I have been treated with the utmost respect, compassion and—most importantly to me as a patient—the time to answer my questions. Remarkably everyone knows my name (which may or may not mean I am behaving) and your staff, with great humor, has helped me be able to face this treatment. This was a terrifying step for me to take, but I feel very peaceful in your hands and I think all of your employees need a pat on the back every morning telling them just how wonderful they are. 

A great example of your compassionate staff took place on the day my triple lumen port was put in. This was the procedure that scared me the most and Barry, who works in Radiology, could sense my fear and made a special effort to explain in detail what each machine did and how it would all happen. As a result, it calmed my ticks and because of the lack of ticks I was able to cooperate more. During the whole of the procedure he peeked under the drape every 5 minutes to ask if I was OK. Because of his efforts, I was OK, and I appreciate that.

A few days ago, Dr. Zangari said that he would be adding a new drug to my list, and I asked if it had side effects. Dr. Zangari just laughed and in his Italian accent said, "Well, of course it has side effects." As we are learning, there may not be a way to circumvent this treatment or elude these side effects, but it is such a blessing to be escorted compassionately and with humor through the battle ground. 

Thank you for your efforts in helping this fight to be successful."

Becki S. of Utah

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