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Myeloma Treatment at HCI

How Does Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) Treat Myeloma?

Myeloma experts at HCI will determine what the optimal approach for each individual myeloma patient is and will tailor treatment to the patient’s needs and personal characteristics. The Multiple Myeloma Program at HCI provides professional care for Multiple Myeloma at al the different stages and phases of the disease. Importantly, our approach is always multi-disciplinary involving specialties such as Orthopedics, Radiation Therapy, Pain Service, Nephrology, and Social Service.

Myeloma experts at HCI offer a broad variety of myeloma-targeting therapies. For patients who are eligible, induction therapy followed by high-dose chemotherapy and autologous transplant is the preferred initial treatment. For patients who are not eligible for an autologous transplant, we offer a number of therapy options using combinations of different drug therapies.

Whether treated with a stem cell transplant or
not, most patients will receive maintenance therapy after the initial treatment to fight any myeloma
cells persisting in the body. Myeloma cells are not easily destroyed and some will survive even after high-dose chemotherapy. Maintenance therapy involves taking a combination of drugs to keep the disease under control for a prolonged period of time.

HCI is a nationally designated cancer center and fulfills the highest standard when it comes to preclinical and clinical cancer research. Accordingly, the Multiple Myeloma Program offers a number of highly innovative clinical studies to its patients. As the research focus of our program is on the development of novel immunotherapies for myeloma, we also offer a number clinical studies with novel agents in this specific area.

Conventional Drug Therapy

Autologous Transplant

Maintenance Therapy

Clinical Studies

"The care I received at Huntsman Cancer Institute's myeloma clinic is by far the best I have had at any clinic or hospital. Each member of the team who cared for me was sensitive and thoughtful of my needs and made my experience so much less stressful. Thanks to you all for treating me with dignity, respect, and kindness. Your example has truly made a difference in my life and I am certain it has in the lives of so many others."

Allie D. of Texas


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