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Programs and Services

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Adapted from traditional Chinese medicine, this technique uses fine needles inserted through the skin to help lessen pain and nausea caused by cancer and its treatment. (Reduced rate for HCI patients)

Artist in Residence
Art is a means of self-expression and communication. Learning about and creating art can increase empathy and perception. (Free program)

Camps and Retreats (Free resources)

Creative Writing
Expressing emotions, thoughts, and fears can help in a stressful situation. In this group, patients are encouraged to write about topics such as cancer diagnosis and treatment. (Free program)

Cooking Classes
Learn how to prepare nutritious foods to improve your health and wellbeing, and enjoy samples of delicious recipes. (Costs $5 per class)

Fertility Preservation and Sexual Health 
(Free resources)

Gardening Club
Cancer survivors lead two gardening projects: one is choosing and planting flowers in flower beds on the cancer hospital’s patio, and the other is producing short web-casts to help survivors create their own healing garden spaces at home. (Free program)

This practice of inner concentration uses mental images and suggestions to help manage pain, nausea, stress, and anxiety. It may also help patients prepare for and recover from surgery. (Ask about insurance coverage)

Laughter Therapy
If one good laugh can make your day, imagine what an hour of laughing could do! Whole-body laughter is a unique blend of yoga exercises, breathing techniques, and games designed to encourage playfulness and well-being. (Free program)

Look Good...Feel Better
Sponsored by the American Cancer Society, this class teaches female cancer patients beauty techniques to manage side effects of cancer treatment such as hair loss. Participants receive a free cosmetics kit. (Free program)

Massage is a healing therapy practiced around the world. It can help relieve muscle tension, reduce stress, and bring calmness. We offer several different types of massage including Swedish, craniosacral, Jin Shin Jyutsu®, and lymphatic drainage. (Reduced cost for HCI patients)

Mind-Body Skills Group
Restore a sense of peace and well-being and reduce the pain and stress of cancer in this class. Learn breath, sound, and meditation techniques to practice at home. (Free program) 

Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement (MORE)
Created by Eric Garland, PhD, MORE aims to treat chronic pain, unhealthy habits, anxiety, and depression by helping increase self-control and mental flexibility. (Ask about insurance coverage)

Nutrition Counseling
Personalized nutrition counseling is available for people with all types of cancer. Our dietitians help with many nutrition topics including managing treatment-related side effects, weight changes, use of vitamins and supplements, and dietary needs for cancer survivors. (Free service)

Pediatric Cancer Late Effects Clinic
This clinic helps survivors of childhood cancer stay healthy and informed. Patients can review past treatments, learn about possible late effects, and get referrals to specialists if they have new medical problems. Call 801-585-7180. (Ask about insurance coverage)

Personal Optimism With Exercise Recovery (POWER)
Physical activity can help manage common cancer-related symptoms and side effects such as fatigue and weakness. Cancer patients in POWER receive a personalized exercise prescription. View the class schedule and descriptions.
(Costs $8.33-$15 per session) 

Classes and seasonal activities include the following: 

Smoking Cessation (Free resources)

Supportive Care and Stress Reduction
Provided by Patient and Family Support, services such as one-on-one and family counseling, support groups, and stress reduction classes can be helpful and healing. (Free program)

Weight Reduction Programs
Our weight reduction programs are available for breast and endometrial cancer patients. One program focuses on changes in diet and exercise to reduce weight and increase health. The other focuses on combining psychosocial strategies with changes in diet and exercise. We are conducting a study to compare the effectiveness of these two programs. 
(Ask about insurance coverage)

This program helps patients and their loved ones record memories of their lives. A trained facilitator guides the process and produces a professional-quality CD. 
(Free service)