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Testimonials and comments from patients, care givers and staff about the Mind-Body Skills group.

Not a day goes by that I don’t use the skills I’ve learned in this class.

The meditation class at Huntsman has been amazing.  I never thought it possible that I could sit in a chair with my eyes closed, not sleep, not dream, but still go to places inside my head that I never knew existed, and find very hard to describe.  After each time I meditate, I feel relaxed, energized

The Mind-Body Skills Group has been an invaluable resource for me.  I sincerely appreciative the opportunity to learn vital new skills.  I fear most cancer patients believe their stress will disappear when their cancer is gone. That may be so for some but for me, and I'm sure for many others, the stressors actually increased.  I had to get use to a whole new "me" and I had to help my family learn what that would mean for them.  I heard about the Mind-Body Skills Group and decided I would "step outside my box" and try relaxation and focus skills I'd never been exposed to before. I've always been a "show me" type so it was a complete shock to find I'd become a "true believer" after my very first class.  As it turns out, these new skills have already helped me pass through several very challenging events with new confidence. I knew I had tools I could rely on that would help me: maintain my focus, view challenges from a more level-headed perspective, and create a peaceful, nurturing environment for myself when I needed some "distance" from the stress.  I sincerely believe the Mind-Body Group offers a unique opportunity to learn invaluable new skills and receive much-needed support; both of which will prove to be enormous resources when approaching not only cancer related challenges but also when navigating through future stormy seas.  

I had mixed feelings about joining the group but my wife was firm that I should give it a try!  I am very pleased that she insisted.

I have not experienced, nor wanted to experience, meditation sessions. After working through the struggles, I did not want to revisit the angst and fears of the experiences.  However, I found the varied techniques comfortable and insightful.  I feel stronger knowing I can calmly listen and gauge the messaging within.  The sessions also heightened my sense of gratitude for the results I'm experiencing, the time that has been given to me and awe of power of the love and support from expanding circles of family, friends, and vast professional community dedicated to this work. 

While I have benefited from the sessions, the key benefit was the opportunity to meet fellow Huntsman cancer patients.  We all have unique situations but have a common bonding experience of traveling difficult paths not chosen.
Thanks for providing me with these experiences.

I just wanted to drop a quick line to Ray Lynch regarding my wonderful experience with the Mind-Body Skills class facilitated by Dr. Paul Thielking and Julie Howell.  It turns out it was even more than I expected... I am fortunate in that I've had many great opportunities to participate in several of these types of groups . What I experienced in this group was really empowering and unlike anything I had experienced before.  I especially liked the play times, the movement, the SOUND THERAPY and of course, the conversations we shared.

I think, for me, it really helps connecting with people who are in similar situations as myself and feeling the safety of the group that I did.. it was an intimate group and I met so many wonderful people.. it was very uplifting, empowering and I felt a great sense of connectedness.  Dr. Thielking did a great job of keeping things in focus and on track and shared a lot of interesting and therapeutic modalities for relaxation.  It is apparent he is very well-versed in this topic.

Julie planned some fun things for the group: making a collage, movement therapy and I liked how she always thought of something to share.  One week she shared a very moving poem by Rumi and it's those types of things that really motivate me.  I liked her creativity.

I am excited about the new group and also the extension of this one.

I really appreciate HCI offering these wonderful healing opportunities.

I am a recent breast cancer survivor, and would like to express my appreciation to Dr. Thielking (sp?) and Julie for all the effort they have put into this group.  Without their guidance, carefully planned out relaxation techniques and other various exercises, I do not believe the group would be as successful and cohesive as it is. 

I was not sure about joining a group because of the isolation cancer makes you feel, but I could tell from the first day that if I applied myself and contributed to the group, it would make me a better person, help me understand what others are going through, and most importantly, learn how these people drag themselves out of bed each and every day.  I had such a feeling of hopelessness, and I attribute my new found enthusiasm for life and for meeting other people to Dr. T and Julie.

They truly make this group beneficial, and I would like to see a group for those who are tasked with supporting the patients.  I am sure they have stories to share and would benefit from the experience.   I have a husband who dedicated himself to making sure I made every appointment and ate balanced meals when I did not feel like it.  He was on the phone to Huntsman at midnight after I had my first chemo treatment followed by the Neulasta shot.  Chemo was ok for me but that shot brought me to my knees.  My husband was given instructions on how to get the pain level down and then manage it which really helped both of us.  There  should be some forum to thank the caregivers and allow them to share their experiences.  Even with cancer, I have found times when I can laugh.

I definitely would like to see the MBS group continue because the benefits to the members will be to become even stronger over time.    

Thank you.

For more information about the Mind-Body Skills Group or to register call 801-213-4246 or email julie.howell@hci.utah.edu.