Nursing Services

Clinics 1A, 2B, 3A

Leslie Roberts-
Freimann, RN

Outpatient Nurse Manager
for Clinics 2B and 3A

Joan Arata

Outpatient Nurse Manager
for Clinic 1A and the 
Acute Care Clinic

Outpatient clinics are organized around specific groups of cancers. Whether treated for breast cancer in Clinic 3A or receiving pain management care in Clinic 2B, our patients have access to teams of experts and the latest technology.

Clinics are located on the first, second, and third floors of Huntsman Cancer Institute, both in cancer hospital and research building.

Leslie Roberts-Freimann, RN 

Joan Arata

For more information about Nursing Services, contact Sue Childress:
801-587-4754 or 801-585-9755