Cancer Center Research Programs

The University of Utah's Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) is a National Cancer Institute-Designated Comprehensive Cancer Center. The Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) provides funding for cancer research performed by more than 140 members of our Cancer Center. The purpose of this grant is to promote scientific excellence through coordinated, broad-based transdisciplinary programs and to support state-of-the-art shared research resources.

Nuclear Control of Cell Growth and Differentiation Bradley R. Cairns, PhD – Co-Leader
Jared Rutter, PhD –  Co-Leader
Cell Response and Regulation Katharine S. Ullman, PhD - Leader
Experimental Therapeutics Sunil Sharma, MD - Leader
Cancer Control and Population Sciences Kathleen Mooney, PhD - Co-Leader
Sean Tavtigian, PhD - Co-Leader

HCI's Research Leadership Council (RLC)

The RLC has responsibility for coordination, planning, and oversight of HCI’s research portfolio and is accountable for the design and execution of Cancer Center goals. The Council is chaired by the CEO/Director and includes representatives from the Director’s Cabinet, all Cancer Program Leaders, Staff Investigators, HCI-managed Shared Resource Directors, representation of the Disease-Oriented Research Teams (DOTs), the PRMS and DSMC Chairs, and senior administrators. This group serves as the core leadership of the Cancer Center, participates actively in strategic planning for HCI research initiatives, and directs evaluation of Programs, Shared Resources, and membership. New applications for Cancer Center Membership are presented by a relevant Cancer Program Leader and put forward for an advisory vote by RLC members based on specific membership criteria; Dr. Beckerle makes final decisions on Cancer Center membership. The RLC meets monthly for two hours.  View the Research Leadership Council membership.

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