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The goal of the Hematologic Malignancies DOT is to build on the broad expertise of its members and foster trans-disciplinary research. The ultimate aim of the DOT is to better understand the pathophysiology of hematologic malignancies as well as develop improved diagnostic tools and therapies for these diseases, in alignment with the mission of the Huntsman Cancer Institute.


Thomas O'Hare

Thomas O'Hare

Paul Shami

Paul J. Shami

Elizabeth Raetz

Elizabeth Raetz

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Overview of Projects:

The Hematologic Malignancies DOT is newly formed. We are in the process of identifying the first project to support with a seed grant sponsored by the Huntsman Cancer Institute and philanthropic funds. The funds are designated to support new areas of research by the principal investigator(s). The major considerations for successful proposals are: (1) focus on hematologic malignancies; (2) scientific merit and (3) building of cross-disciplinary research partnerships that can lead to innovative therapies.

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