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Geraldine P. Mineau, PhD

Geraldine Mineau

Geraldine P. Mineau, PhD

Cancer Center Bio

Dr. Mineau’s research focuses on family demography and bio-demography; it addresses questions about the relationship between kinship networks and health outcomes. The availability of familial structures or genealogies combined with medical information is crucial in the identification of familial clustering of disease or outcome. Mineau’s research used the Utah Population Database and has focused on two areas: the familial clustering of cancer to identify high risk families and the study of kinship and socio-demographic determinants of health and mortality. In collaboration with Ken Smith, PhD and Heidi Hanson, PhD, Mineau is studying how the individual's health and mortality is affected by their connections to their kinship network over time.

Geraldine P. Mineau, PhD. is an investigator at Huntsman Cancer Institute, a research professor in the Department of Oncological Sciences, and a member of the Cancer Control and Population Sciences Program. She also has an adjunct position in the Department of Sociology. Her experience with the Utah Population Database dates back to its conception in the mid-1970s. From 1994 through 2010, she was the Director of the Utah Population Database. During that time, she also assisted in the development of the High Risk Cancer Clinics at HCI.

For seven years (2000-2007) she was principal investigator of the Rocky Mountain Cancer Genetics Coalition, one of the eight sites of National Cancer Institute's Cancer Genetics Network. She was also the PI on an NIH grant (2007-2011), "Sharing statewide health data for genetic research", which continued development of the UPDB by incorporating millions of medical records, such as the statewide inpatient health records. As part of that project, a web-based UPDB Limited Query Tool was developed which may be used by investigators for pre-research or preliminary studies (Hurdle et al 2013). Through a collaboration with the Huntsman-Intermountain Cancer Care Program, she implemented a project to link the UPDB to the Intermountain enterprise data warehouse, thus creating a new infrastructure for cancer research investigators (DuVall et al 2012).

In 2011 Dr. Mineau received the Sword of Hope from the American Cancer Society and in 2013 she received the Governor’s Medal for Science and Technology.