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The Rosenblatt lab offers a multidisciplinary training environment that includes cell biology, zebrafish work, and bioengineering. The laboratory is exceptionally well equipped, with three wide-field fluorescent microscopes and a spinning disc confocal and is housed in the open lab plan Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) within the University of Utah.  The University of Utah community has a huge number of labs and we have collaborations ranging from the departments of math, bioengineering, human genetics, and surgery.  We are looking for focused, highly motivated people with a keen interest in epithelial cell biology and cancer who like to work hard and play hard.  An appreciation of mountain biking, hiking, or skiing is also highly encouraged!

Postdoctoral fellows:
Please contact Jody directly at

Graduate Students:
The lab admits graduate students through three programs administered by the University of Utah: the Molecular Biology, Biology, and the Bioengineering Programs.  For information please see the website at or

All open positions are listed through the University Human Resources Job Website.  Please contact Jody directly at

Please contact Jody directly at  Many of our undergraduate students are members of the BioURP or the Access programs at the University of Utah.