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Jody Rosenblatt

Jody Rosenblatt

Jody Rosenblatt, PhD

Cancer Center Bio

Selected Achievements

Discovered epithelial extrusion (2001)

NIH Director's New Innovator Award (2007)

Discovered that epithelial cells normally die by extrusion  (2012)

Jody Rosenblatt hails from Salt Lake City but took a long hiatus for education at UC Berkeley, UC San Francisco, and University College London. Before becoming a scientist, she worked on a goat farm off the coast of Ireland and a communal farm in Wales. Working in Dr. Ellie Ehrenfeld’s lab (then at the University of Utah) on Poliovirus convinced her that the life of a scientist was for her. From there, she worked on transcription in Drosophila in Dr. Steve Beckendorf’s lab at Berkeley. A stint at Chiron Corporation after university clearly indicated that science in a factory was not for her, so she went to work with Dr. David Morgan at UCSF as a technician, where they discovered CDK2 as a key regulator of S phase in the cell cycle and identified its structure.  She then stayed on at UCSF for graduate school, working in the lab of Dr. Timothy Mitchison studying how actin dynamics are regulated. She went to London ostensibly to work on wound healing but instead discovered epithelial cell extrusion, working at the LMCB with both Drs. Louise Cramer and Martin Raff.  Extrusion is one of the main focuses of her lab today, as they are finding that it is instrumental in controlling epithelial cell numbers during homeostasis. Further, disrupting extrusion can result in a whole slew of epithelial-based diseases, from asthma to many cancers.