Yamazon study

Yamazon Study

What is the Yamazon Study?

The Yamazon study is a research project on whether the use of a Smartphone medication reminder application can help adolescents and young adults with cancer remain on their prescribed oral medications. Non-adherence to oral medications, or not taking your oral medications as prescribed, is a common issue that can affect survival and quality of life. We hope this study will lead to a greater understanding of medication adherence in this population.

Who can participate in the study?

  • People who are between 15-29 years old who are receiving treatment for any type of cancer at Primary Children’s Hospital or Huntsman Cancer Institute.
  • People who have completed at least one month of therapy and are expected to remain on therapy for three months during the Yamazon study.
  • People who are on at least one scheduled oral medication as an outpatient.
  • People with have an iPhone, iPad, or iTouch running iOS 4.0 or later.
  • People who are willing to use a Smartphone medication reminder application.

If I participate, what will I do?

  • You will use a Smartphone medication reminder that will give you reminders when a scheduled oral medication is due. You will be asked to enter a response to the reminders received.
  • You will fill out a weekly questionnaire about your oral medication use and about the Smartphone application for 12 weeks.
  • You will be given Electronic Data Monitoring (EDM) caps to measure your oral medication use.
  • You will be asked to meet with the research team to monitor oral medication use by downloading EDM cap data and to have your pills manually counted.
  • Compensation will be offered to participants who complete questionnaires and study visits.

Where do I get more information?

If you have questions or would like more information about the Yamazon Study, please contact the research team by calling 801-581-4370 or emailing Yamazon@hci.utah.edu.

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