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Research Histology

Research Histology

Research Histology is a full service histology laboratory, which offers tissue processing and embedding, sectioning and histochemical stains. In addition, the Research Histology Staff can retrieve FFPE specimens from the archive for patients consented on clinical trials. Please visit the services page for a list of offerings.


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The below prices are for animal tissue only and may vary based on the origin of the request and the requestor. Please contact Lindsey Fairbourn, Research Histology Supervisor, or Heidi Romero, ARUP Clinical Trials Coordinator, to discuss your project and obtain accurate pricing and ordering information.

Test Description University Pricing
Process and Embed Tissue Only $2.89
Process, Embed and Stain H&E $6.55
Cut block and Stain H&E (block provided) $5.20
H&E Stain Only (slide provided) $2.00
Unstained Slide $1.00
Frozen Section Unstained Slide $2.40
Decal  Block $5.25
Tube of Shaves $3.15
2mm Core Punch $3.80
Cut and Stain Aniline Blue $7.00
Other Special or IHC Stains Contact lab